Egg-ceptional Cybersecurity Sale: Crack-open the Egg-citing Savings!

The promotion has finished

Ready to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level?
How do you celebrate the spring season? We do it by painting and finding eggs with surprises and gifts!

This season, you can join us and unlock the secrets of cybersecurity with this Egg-citing promo! Dive into our "Egg-ceptional Cybersecurity Sale" and boost your skills.

From 21.03 to 21.04, every week we will open three eggs with egg-stra promo!

Dive into our "Egg-ceptional Cybersecurity Sale" and equip yourself with new skills for the springtime period!

1st stage, from 21.03 to 28.03. 2024
Mastering Monitoring Operations in Azure $647 $799
Implementing Privileged Access Workstations $647 $799
Masterclass: Advanced Active Directory Attacks 1997 EUR net
2575 EUR net

2nd stage, from 29.03 to 05.04
Masterclass: Windows Server 2019 - Public Key Infrastructure Management (PKI) 2847 EUR net 3500 EUR net
Masterclass: SOC Analyst Course 2847 EUR net 3500 EUR net
Cyber Threat Intelligence $647

3rd stage, from 06.04 to 13.04 COMBO COURSES

Masterclass: Windows Security and Infrastructure Management with Windows Internals 2397 EUR net 3000 EUR net
Masterclass: Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure 2847 EUR net 3500 EUR net
Incident Response, Collecting and Analyzing Digital Evidence $647

4th stage, from 14.04 to 21.04
Masterclass: System Forensics, Incident Handling and Threat Hunting 2847 EUR net 3500 EUR net
Securing SQL Server $647 $799
Mastering Code Security $647 $799
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